Clinic Administrative Manager, PSS

Primary Role within the agency
As Clinic Administrative Manager Amanda supports our outpatient team with administrative tasks. She is responsible for assigning and reassigning clients to clinicians.

Home Town
Amanda was born & raised in Southern California.

SLMH start date

What do you most love about SLMH?
Amanda was initially drawn in by the mission of SLMH to provide mental health treatment to a rural community which is very near and dear to her heart due to her own experiences with it. She quickly grew to love this agency due to the sense of community she felt among staff and the people we serve. It was clear from her very first day of employment that anyone who walks through those doors is met with empathy, kindness & respect. Amanda also loves that the culture at SLMH encourages self care.

What is one thing you do for self-care, a fun fact, or other items of note?
Amanda enjoys curling up on the couch and watching her favorite movies, How the Grinch Stole Christmas & Inside Out, whenever she can, to promote her own self-care.