Crisis Services

Since 1993, South Lane Mental Health has contracted with Cottage Grove Medical Center to provide round-the-clock emergency room response for individuals experiencing psychiatric crises.

In the emergency room, we assess the individual’s condition, make recommendations to hospital staff, and with the patient, determine whether psychiatric hospitalization is needed. Our staff work with the patient on a safety plan which includes making an appointment to be seen at South Lane Mental Health within 24 hours. South Lane Mental Health also offers a series of follow-up counseling sessions. The combination of crisis counseling, medications, and immediate access to treatment through South Lane Mental Health’s outpatient counseling program has diverted many people in crisis from in-patient hospitalization to community-based treatment.

Individuals experiencing a mental health crisis may also walk in to South Lane Mental Health’s 1345 Birch Avenue offices for help. Crisis counselors are available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and no appointment is necessary.